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Indian Sculptures

Magnificence, spirituality, mysticism and beauty define Indian sculpture. The very brilliance and finesse of Indian sculpture murmurs the tales of history while demonstrating the eroticism and spirituality, the mysticism and passion of Indian art form.

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Indian Sculpture
The first Indian Sculpture date back to the Indus Valley civilization, where stone and bronze carvings have been discovered.The principal sculptural techniques used in India have undergone little changes throughout the ages. Carving in India has done for centuries with using varied materials such as stone or rock, wood, bronze metal, bone, and marb...

Indian Temple Sculptures
India`s stupas and temples were not just religious monuments but also cultural centers showing the spiritual and secular significance. The secular nature of Indian sculptural art can be illustrated from the incorporation of various images from secular life.Indian sculpture is meant to take the onlookers of the art, to the journey of aesthetic e...

Khajuraho Sculptures of India
One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures.Sculpture of Khjuraho The harmonious integration of architecture to the sculptures, add to the rhythm of the monuments. Each temple has a unique pattern in the placement of its sculptural moti...

Indian Marble Sculptures
Marble sculptures are marked with a unique place in Indian Sculpture, as the art of stone sculpting is very much common in every state of India. A large percentage of marble sculpture is employed for a sacred purpose in India, in preparing various statues, idols of Gods & Goddesses & carvings in architecture. The entire artwork of marble sculptures...

Arjuna`s Penance
The `Arjuna`s Penance` is a famous Indian sculpture made of marvel at Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram, which is an enormous relief involving many figures made on two huge boulders. This is one of the biggest open-air rock canvases in the world. This bas-relief is 31 metre long and 9 metre high with detailed carvings showing the most ador...

Indian Sand Sculptures
Sand sculpture, like any other kind of sculptures can be of any shape, size or form. It can include the above things- a castle, or created in a human, animal, plant or a fantasy form. In India, sand sculptures originated in Orissa, but later on became familiar in all parts of country. The famous Indian Sand sculpture Artist Sudarshan Patnaik has al...

Indian Rock Cut Sculpture
Rock cut sculpture is another unique specimen of Indian sculpture. Basically these rock-cut structures were related to various religious communities. The rock-cut sculpture differs from traditional buildings in many ways. The rock-cut art is more similar to sculpture than architecture as cutting out solid rocks produced structures. Some of the fine...

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